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Complete a questionnaire that uncovers underlying health issues many people fail to address. You’ll have a complete blueprint for your personal needs, so you can improve overall well-being.

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Order personal labs to develop a customized health plan that will help you reach the most productive level possible. Enjoy explosive energy at a cellular level by uncovering biological deficiencies after analysis from one, two, or all of our packages.

The Consultation


At Turned On Living, we don’t rely on traditional, cookie-cutter recommendations. Your DNA makes you unique, and the health care you receive should reflect that at a clinical level. That’s why we’re going to discuss your path to better well-being, by looking at your health from 3 different angles…

    1. First, we’ll take time to learn about you inside and out, and we’ll discover what truly affects your bodily function

    2. Second, we’ll asses your living environment and lifestyle, and make sure there’s nothing blocking you from reaching your fullest health potential

    3. Third, we’ll look at your genetic foundation blueprint, and determine the disadvantages mom and dad may have left you on a genetic level

    4. Fourth, you’ll receive a customized health care solution, so you have a clear path to execute a plan, that will get you on the way to living a more energized and productive lifestyle


Hundreds of people have already experienced the transformational capabilities of Turned On Living. In fact, here’s what some of those satisfied people have said…


“When I started working with Dr. Gorski I was struggling with brain fog and low energy. This kept progressing to the point where my family and business were beginning to suffer. Once I implemented the strategies he recommended, I saw improvement in my energy, focus and productivity almost immediately. The most amazing thing is, I’m a busy guy, but implementing the changes has been seamless. I would recommend Dr. Gorski to anyone who is looking for custom solutions to achieve higher performance.” – Matt


“I was walking around in a haze and getting a lot of bacterial infections. It seemed like I was either on a new antibiotic, or popping another Advil daily. Thyroid issues ran on my mother’s side of the family, and that was the root cause of my problems. But thanks to Dr. Gorski, I have my life back. I’m almost completely recovered, which was impossible according to other doctors. Learn how to beat your condition, instead of learning how to manage it. Contact Dr. Gorski now.” – Holly


“I started with Dr. Gorski after noticing a decline in my productivity and energy. I had digestive problems, low energy and hormone problems in the past. After going to a functional medicine doctor I was finally diagnosed with an allergy to wheat, gluten and dairy this helped for a while. Unfortunately, my doctor’s solution was to avoid everything. We explored my unique deficiencies and genetic blueprint, and I can easily say it’s the most cutting-edge evaluation I have ever received. There were 4 specific performance-blocking factors that we reduced over the course of 6 months. Now I have more energy, increased focus, and my digestive problems are gone. I’m even a better wife and mother thanks to his treatment, it has changed my families health.” – Wendi

What are you waiting for? You could be on the way to experiencing these miraculous results too. Push the button below and claim your appointment today.


Is this service right for me?

It’s hard to say for certain without a consultation, but answering these questions can provide you with some clarity…

  1. Are you experiencing subtle symptoms, and feel concerned that you’re starting to lose control of your health?
  2. Have you taken blood tests that keep coming back normal? Is your doctor telling you it’s just in your head, everything’s fine? However, you intuitively feel like something is wrong.
  3. Did you witness a parent’s health decline? Are you concerned that your genetics are leading you to the same gloomy fate?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’re an ideal person for a consultation.

Why should I believe you can help me when traditional medicine has consistently failed?
Brad Gorski

Hi, my name is Dr. Brad Gorski. I’m a Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine, as well as a chiropractor. Once upon a time, I was a young, healthy, athletic person… or at least that’s what I thought.

Looking back, I now realize that my body started giving me subtle symptoms at an early age. Symptoms like routinely vomiting after early meals, hand inflammation, and constant fatigue. I mistakenly ignored those symptoms, and it nearly cost me my life.

At the tender age of 27, I found myself lying paralyzed in a hospital bed, willing to give anything to get back simple motor skills. I remember laying there, on what I thought was my death bed, and making a vow to myself…

I promised that if I made it even half-way back to normal, I was going to find out what happened to me, and I was never going to let it happen again. Then I agreed to take it a step further. I vowed to not let ANYONE endure this frightening and debilitating situation, as long as I had warm-blood pumping through my veins.

Well, I survived that stroke at the age of 27. Unfortunately, doctors who practiced traditional medicine repeatedly failed to give me the answers I needed to prevent it from happening again. How comforting!

That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands. Let’s just say I got educated to keep it short, and I discovered that my issues existed at a cellular level, unique to me and me alone.

And guess what… the issues you’re dealing with are unique to you and you alone as well.

Don’t rely on traditional, paint-by-numbers medicine to resolve your health issues. Situations like mine are completely preventable when you strengthen yourself at a cellular level.

In fact, since I’ve discovered the Body Analytic Blueprint™ I’ve made a complete recovery, and I’ve never felt better. Imagine living a vibrant and worry-free life going forward. That’s what’s at stake here. Don’t hesitate, time is working against you. Claim your Body Analytic Blueprint™ today.

You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your future.

Won’t this process cost me a lot more money?

You can’t put a price tag on good health, and you know this is true. Yes, this process comes with a price, but once you commit to the program… we’re going to get your body going in the right direction quickly.

The Body Analytic Blueprint has been completely designed for you as an individual. Instead of forcing you to do things completely our way, we seek to understand you on a psychological level. We strive to incorporate lifestyle changes, that you will be more likely to implement. It’s hard to fail when you’re relying on that strategy.

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