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Dr. Brad Gorski is a licensed Doctor of Pastoral Science & Medicine (PSc.D) and doctor of chiropractic with a passion to help people eliminate autoimmunity to discover Turned On Living. In 2009 Dr. Gorski started his office and it became one of the largest functional medicine clinics in the Southeast.

After being an athlete his whole life who focused on proper nutrition and exercise, Dr. Gorski started to become very sick. After months of testing both natural and traditional, no answers were available for his subtle symptoms of disease. At the age of 27, 4 different blood clots hit areas of his brain.

Doctors were unable to explain how this could happen to someone who clinically and physically looked 100% healthy. After months with no answers, and hundreds of tests at the cost of thousands of dollars coming back normal, the solution was now in his own hands. He had to unlock the answers to why he was in a hospital bed unable to speak, hear or move the right side of his body, and not knowing where the answers were.

Dr. Gorski made a promise to himself–if he could discover the answers to his sickness—he would commit his life to helping others. Dr. Gorski’s personal suffering not only came as a gift but it also provides a testimonial of hope and authority to inspire others.

Dr. Gorski often hears from people who are struggling with autoimmunity despite nutrition & natural strategies that aren’t correcting their issues. Through advanced laboratory testing and customized protocols, you are taught how to transform your life during your customized program. 

This 3 step process helps individuals by clarifying why food is not medicine when your autoimmune and creates a customized plan that is unique to their genetic and cellular needs.






As a result of his sickness in 2014 Dr. Gorski’s and his wife Lauren, founded Gorski Health Solutions LLC, help others eliminate autoimmunity to discover Turned On Living. Everybody wants a disease-free life full of energy and vitality. Unfortunately for many people with an autoimmune disease they will suffer with symptoms for 15-20 years before they will get answers. Today’s treatments are outdated, insufficient and focus on covering symptoms which is NOT addressing the underlying cause.  Dr. Gorski understands, his “near fatal” autoimmune disease lead him to a system of natural solutions that is changing thousands of lives!

A radio host for the past 8 years, he’s a highly sought-after speaker in communities and businesses. Dr. Gorski has been featured on ABC, FOX and CBS. His clinic serves people locally in Charleston, SC and those across the country with his Turned On Living program.

Dr. Gorski completed his undergraduate studies at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI with biomedical science degree. He received his Doctorate from Palmer College in Davenport, IA.

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